Wilton Benitez - Java

Wilton Benitez - Java

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Key Details

Processing method
Extended Fermentation




Cup score & notes

Cupper: David Burton


This lot has been meticulously processed in a controlled environment. During fermentation a tailored yeast strain has been utilised specifically to enhance the coffee's natural flavour and fruity tasting notes, creating an elegant and sweet coffee.


1. Manual harvest.
2. Characterisation of the cherry.
3. Classification of the cherry by density and size.
4. Sterilisation of the cherry (with UV and Ozone).
5. Immersion of the cherries in water at 90ºC for 30 seconds.
6. Cherry pulping.
7. Fermentation begins in anaerobic bioreactors.
8. During fermentation, addition of specific yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastatucus) to enhance fruity notes.
9. Verification of PH and Brix (PH=5.5 & Brix=18).
10. Fermentation for 52 hours.
11. Washing of the coffee with water at 75ºC.
12. Drying of the grain with controlled equipment for 48 hours at 38ºC



Rhubarb crumble

Custard apple

Producer Information

Wilton Benitez is a highly specialised coffee producer, with a lifetime of experience in cultivating exotic and sought after coffee.

Wilton comes from a family background in coffee production, working on the family farm. It was here that he discovered the true potential of coffee through fermentation technology. Wilton started to take a real interest in the way that fermentation practices were delivered in other industries such as wine, beer, and cheese to aid the development of new and unique flavour compounds. Once he had an understanding of how these products were processed, he started controlling certain variables in the processing of coffee, including the sugar content, PH level and fermentation duration.

Wilton has told us that “everything is about control”. The process is complex but if the conditions are controlled and managed correctly then the results will create flavours that are very distinctive. Coffee cherry picking on Wilton’s farms is especially selective, so that only the very best cherries go through to classification, where they are sorted by density and size, then sterilised using UV technology before moving on to the fermentation process.

There are three main factors that provide his coffee with a unique and exquisite taste: the fermentation process, the microorganisms used at each stage, and the method of soaking the beans in hot and then cold water to seal the grain.

There are many stages to the fermentation process, and each individual cherry variety will have its own set of protocols depending on the desired flavour profile. The effort is worth it though, as a well executed fermentation will build on a coffees unique flavours, whilst taking care not to obscure any of the varietal’s intrinsic attributes.

All the coffees grown on the 3 farms require a high level of skill and management that, along with investments in the farm's own dry mill 3 years ago, allows Wilton and his team to have full control over each process. This is key to such high quality production, as although the milling of the seeds will not aid in flavour enhancement, it can impart undesirable taints if the process isn’t clean and well managed.

The presence of the dry mill has also introduced an opportunity for Wilton to pass on some of the processing skills to neighbouring farms, leading to the development of a social framework for farmers to share agricultural, processing, and milling practices. Wilton reiterates that for farmers to understand their coffee they first need to be able to taste, to understand what elements need to be addressed for quality improvements. This is a great philosophy and one of the many reasons we are so fortunate to have access to these special lots.

Harvest Date

October 2023



1900 m.a.s.l




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Regular price £63.30 /kg
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  • Java
  • Fermentation in anaerobic bioreactor
  • An elegant coffee with dessert-like notes of custard apple and rhubarb crumble.

Low stock: 7kgs left

Samples Unavailable

Currently, we cannot provide samples for this coffee.

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