Bukonzo Dream Nyabirongo

Bukonzo Dream Nyabirongo

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Currently, we cannot provide samples for this coffee.

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SL 14, SL 28


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Grain Pro inJute Sacks



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Cupper: Omwani Coffee


An East African coffee with a kick. The coffee is acclaimed for its ability to cut through milk making it the champion of espresso coffee but also an incredibly juicy filter. The bright fruity flavours are punchy from start to finish.Among the luscious foothills of the Rwenzori mountains there has been a huge shift towards what is now known as ‘Bukonzo Dream’ as farmers much prefer to sell coffee as cherry rather than green. Buying coffee as fresh, ripe cherries direct from the Farmer, and processing it at the area’s washing station, we can create incredible tasting premium lots of Bukonzo Dream. By keeping the regions where the cherry comes from and using the Buying Centre Structure, we process the cherries to naturals and take great care of the lots using Polytunnels, a 24-hour operation, and a refined process to create incredible Rwenzori coffee.




Ripe papaya

Producer Information

In 2016 Agri Evolve originally started as a collection point for both Dried Ugandan Arabica (DRUGAR) and cherries. The typical approach to processing coffee in the Rwenzori Mountains has been for farmers to process it themselves. Typically drying cherries on tarpaulin in the sun. Sourcing this DRUGAR was considerably easier in the beginning than trying to
purchase ripe cherries, it turns out old habits do die hard!

Following investment in processing equipment, demonstration farms and hiring experienced staff. The second-year harvest was a drastic improvement in terms of sourcing unprocessed ripe cherries.

After this first season, processing facilities improved considerably and equipment including; a washer separator, mechanical dryers, Hulling machine and green-houses were all introduced to the station.

The interest in Agri Evolve grew amongst the farming community as we were seen as a staple
reliable place to sell coffee, we consistently paid good prices and always paid on time, which, as basic as it is, made a huge difference for farmers.

Harvest Date

This is one of our house coffees that we keep stocked throughout the year. To find out the current stock's harvest date, please email us at hello@greencoffeecollective.com



1720 m.a.s.l




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Regular price £13.19 /kg
As low as: £10.91
Save: £0.00
Regular price Sale price £13.19 GBP
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  • SL14/SL28
  • Natural
  • From start to finish, revel in the vibrant, punchy burst of bright fruity flavours that will awaken your taste buds.

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Samples Unavailable

Currently, we cannot provide samples for this coffee.

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