Seasoning & Practice Beans

Seasoning & Practice Beans

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Whether you're a seasoned roaster or just starting, our Premium Seasoning Beans are the cornerstone of your coffee craft. Perfecting the roast isn't just about quality beans; it's about mastering the process.

Why Choose Our Seasoning Beans?

For Beginners: Tailored for novices, these beans are the ultimate practice tool. Hone your skills and perfect your technique before working with high-quality beans, ensuring confidence and precision in every roast.

For Experienced Roasters: Specially curated sacrificial beans designed to season and condition your roaster, guaranteeing a consistent and pure flavor profile in every batch.
Consistency & Purity: Maintain a clean roasting environment, eliminating residual flavors or odors and ensuring the purity of your beans for a remarkable taste experience.

Crafted for All Levels: Carefully sourced, lower-cost beans meticulously chosen for practice and conditioning, enabling both beginners and experts to refine their roasting process.

Craft your roasting journey, from beginner exploration to expert perfection. Our Premium Seasoning Beans are the starting point for novices and the assurance of consistent, high-quality roasts for experienced roasters.

Start your practice, perfect your roasts, and enjoy the excellence of a finely crafted cup, every time.





Low acidity


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Brazil's coffee-growing regions boast a diverse tropical climate with varying rainfall, altitudes, and seasonal patterns, influencing the unique flavor profiles of Brazilian coffee beans. From warm year-round temperatures to distinct wet and dry seasons, these factors impact cherry growth and maturation, producing a spectrum of flavors. Altitude variations create diverse microclimates, where higher elevations yield complex and developed tastes in the beans. With different climatic conditions across its regions, Brazilian coffees range from nutty and chocolatey to fruity and citrusy, reflecting the geographical diversity of the country's coffee cultivation.


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Regular price £5.00 /kg
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  • Catucaí
  • Washed
  • Rich in chocolate, nutty notes, and a subtle earthiness, this lot is ideal for dark roasts. Perfect for seasoning a new roaster drum or as practice beans for beginners.

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Samples Unavailable

Currently, we cannot provide samples for this coffee.

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